When we pulled into the parking lot the first time, out of habit I yelled back to the kids "We're Home!" Then I corrected myself and yelled "I mean we're here!" Actually, I was right in the first place, the Church truly is our home. A home is a place where you feel welcome, safe, and loved. It is also a place where you can grow and be yourself. From the moment we walked in, that is exactly what the Church in Las Vegas was to us. There is a genuine love and care between the saints, and I know it is because the love we have toward each other is not a human love. It is an unselfish, non-judgemental, divine love which is from the Lord Himself. Although we call each other "Brother" and "Sister" almost habitually, these are not just empty words or titles. We are expressing an unbreakable bond we have with one-another as fellow members of the one body of Christ. All self and selfishness are stripped away in the body. This is the real Christian life. This is the real Church. This is my home!
Praise the Lord, He is the God of all grace, who called us into His eternal glory in Christ. He will Himself perfect us, establish us, strengthen us, and ground us after we have suffered a little while (see 1 Peter, 5:10). This is the verse I enjoyed a lot and have been helped a lot recently. Our God is God of all grace, which means that He is the bountiful supply to us and He is the answer of whatever we need, both spiritually and physically. Although we may suffer in different situations, He is our God of all grace. Moreover, He promised us that He Himself will perfect us, establish us, strengthen us, and ground us in Christ Jesus. Thanks to God for His word. His word is faithful and never fails. So, let us just trust His word and believe into Him and attain unto His glorious goal. Hallelujah! What a miracle that fallen sinners as us could be brought into God's eternal glory.